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July 1, 2020

How to Master Instagram Restaurant Marketing

In The Crew Marketing, we gathered for you to learn, five easy tips to improve your restaurant marketing through Instagram tactics, and rock your business.

Setting up an Instagram for your restaurant not only allows you to share engaging images of your food, but it also tells your brand's story to build community, build engagement, and attract new customers. 

This platform has become a profitable marketing strategy to grow the business and get free advertising, and here in The Crew Marketing, we have curated five tips to help you join into this trend.

Be Searchable

One of the vital parts of being on Instagram is allowing users to find your business easily; that's why using a recognisable username and keywords in your profile are essential.

It is also important to incorporate relevant hashtags that allow your business to be more visible considering your brand, image and location. Creating a unique hashtag that refers to your restaurant specifically and developing a hashtag strategy for Instagram will also help you have more presence on this social media.


Share Videos and Stories

Making videos and stories on Instagram allows you to show your personality and creativity, share the action behind the scenes, and interact more closely with your customers. There are many ways to do so, such as Instagram Stories, Instagram Live or Video Post. The important thing is to make your audience feel part of your restaurant, so that they can learn a little more about the essence of it and what is lived day by day.

Great examples for your restaurant content can be the preparation of your food, a tour of your restaurant, or a presentation of your employees. This is where you must let your imagination fly to make stunning videos and stories.


Interact with your Followers 

Creating loyal relationships with your customers is vital for the success of your business, so it is crucial to generate genuine interactions with them. Taking the time to ask for and listen to opinions about your restaurant, quickly respond to comments and make them feel part of your business will allow you to strengthen the commitment of both parties.


Create Instagrammable Dishes and Spaces

Having a charming decoration in your restaurant and an attractive presentation of your dishes will significantly increase the possibility that your customers take photos and share them as it is a highly photographic and unique thing. In this way, you will get free advertising and exposure for your guests' followers, who will know your business and will be able to follow it or later become leads.


On the other hand, it is vital that you learn how to take good photos so that you can create quality photographs to publish on your social media, taking advantage of the great appearance of your dishes and your restaurant.


Run Competitions and Giveaways

A valuable marketing tactic is to run competitions or giveaways with your audience; they allow you to interact in a fun way through likes, comments and tags, increasing the engagement and reach of your brand. You have to keep in mind that planning competitions require a lot of organisation, for this reason, you must consider all the aspects involved such as the prize, the method of selecting the winner, the way of redeeming the prize, terms and conditions, etc.

Once you know how to master your restaurant Instagram marketing, it's time to learn some tip to start stunning your audience with your Instagram photos, check it out!

Rock your Food Photography [5Tips]


If you have a restaurant, cafe or a simple Instagram account about food, it is vital to you learn how to take high-quality photographs to share those delicious plates and keep creating content on your social media that catch your audience attention. In The Crew Marketing, we have some tips below to make your photography skill even better and to help you to take exceptional photos of your food and drinks.


1. Good Lighting

Good lighting is the key to take great photos, so avoid using flash and harsh overhead lights because it can make food appear unappealing. Instead, you should always try to photograph your food in well-lit settings with natural lighting. For example, near a window or outside.


2. Create action with simple kitchen props

Using a variety of backgrounds, props, and decorative items help make your content more eye-catching and add interest to your photos. You can include a person interacting with food or place cutlery resting on the plate, the idea is to make drinks and food look more attractive with any pretty embellishments.


3. Master the Flat Lay Shot 

Creating a flat photo is one of the easiest ways to take your Instagram posts to a higher level, and it's become a trend! It is simply a photo of the tables with your meals and drinks, captured from directly above or from a bird's eye view to showcase everything and to create a satisfying shot.


4. Branch out

Show your restaurant's personality and concept. Don't just show off your menu items! Capturing photos of your chefs cooking, inside your restaurant, and of your guests enjoying your meals will help you attract more customers to this whole experience.


5. Composition

Often less is more when we talk about the composition of a photograph.Make sure that your star product (food or drink) is the one that gets the most attention, it is great to have a variety of decorative items that make the content more eye-catching but without deviating in focus.

Now it is time for you to start rocking your Instagram with amazing and delicious pictures!
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