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May 13, 2020

How to Innovate in your Restaurant? [4 ways to Innovate in your Business]

Innovation can happen anywhere, we just need to ask the right question and find different ideas to solve them. Find here 4 ways to innovate in your restaurant.

In the hospitality industry, competition is huge, and it is vital to find out how to make your business stand out, attract your customers' attention and provide them added value. But, to do so, it is vital to daily adapt and innovate in your business to meet the changing demands of your customers.

There are many ways to innovate or give added value to your customers. And the first step is to spark creative thinking between your personal, that will allow you to to improve the way you drive your business, at the same time, it will let you create new and different methods to offer your products and services to your restaurant' Customers.

How to innovate in your business?

Innovation can come from anywhere, to do it just remember that it is crucial to open your mind to a Creative process which is what is going to provide your innovating ideas. (Read Differences between Creativity & Innovation)

Product Innovation

You should focus your efforts on finding how to create new dishes or do it in a better way, for example, using some unique techniques that others haven't done, or an ingredient unexpected. This is an excellent opportunity to encourage your chefs to share and demonstrate their skills and ideas to create innovative dishes.


  • What new techniques can I use for cooking my dishes?
  • How to delight my customers' palate in an unexpected way?
  • What would my customer like to eat in my restaurant?


Service Innovation


It is important to put yourself in your customers' shoes understanding the needs or problems they have from the moment where they step in the door of your restaurant to when they leave. Think about what can you do different or new to make this experience better or unique for them.


  • Is there a better way to order their food?
  • How can you make the experience easier and more entertaining for your customers?
  • Are there problems in your service experience needing to be solved?
  • Why are they visiting your restaurant?
  • How can you make them more comfortable and happy there?

Process Innovation

To provide an excellent service in your restaurant, your Team, Process System, and even Customers must work well together. That's mean, you must ensure that all the activities that are being carried out are contributing to offer value to your final product or service. If this is not happening, you should ask yourself or your employees what is affecting it or what difficulties are they having, and how they would improve it? These answers can be the solution and the seed of a more significant innovative process.

  • Are there processes that can be done more efficiently?
  • How can my team provide better customer service?
  • What is not allowing my team to give their 100% at work?
  • How can you incorporate some new technology into your processes?

Innovation in Communication

Having effective communication with your employees and your customers is crucial to success in your business. Still, there are many ways to communicate with your customers and the way you do it can be an excellent opportunity to explore innovative ideas and make them attractive.

  • Through which platforms are you communicating with your customers?
  • How are you telling the stories of your restaurant?
  • How are your team communicating with your customers?
  • How are your customers finding out about your restaurant news?

Remember! Innovation can happen anywhere just keep an open mind and ask the right questions.

Now it's your turn to let your imagination and creativity run free and find ideas that are innovative for your business!

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