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June 5, 2020

How to create your content plan [Content tree Template]

Learn an easy way to create and organize the content for your brand with this content tree method. Build content is one of the best ways to increase your brand awareness in search engines such as Google or Yahoo.

We already talk about why Content is vital for your business on our previous post, 5 Important Benefit Of Creating Content For Your Business, so let's skip that part.

Create Content sometimes looks easy, but it can drain your brain thinking about something different every time, that is why we brought this fantastic Content Tree method, that we found just starting The Crew Marketing Micro-Blog. It is really dynamic, and we use it to create our educational Content like this one, and for those sales-focused Content as well.

Find your Customer Problem or Need.

First of all, we should clarify that the most effective Content is Customer-Focused Content. I know, many businesses want to talk about themself, but your audience is looking for solutions and ways to satisfy their needs, so let's focus on them.

During this part, we must observe our customers, know what are their problems, needs or challenges, and find the way we can help them. So the next step here is to respond to brief questions such as:

  • How this problem affects their life?
  • How you solve their problem?
  • How this problem affects their daily life and work?

Those responses will give you different perspectives or point of views of your customers' problem. This will be important when you start to frame all your customers' Content.

Create Content Pillars

When you have ready and clear your customer's problem, it is time to solve it or help them to do it. Usually, the best way is trying to find three or five ways to solve our customers' problem. For example, your customer is a traditional cafe in your town, and they need to learn how to join the digital tendency. So the potential information they may need is how to promote his business online, Steps to build his online presence, or How to create a Marketing Plan for Small Business. Then you will have your three content pillars, which are solving your customer's needs.

These content Pillars will become to the base from where you'll build your Content around. Once you define them, you will start to generate heaps of topics efficiently, and we'll explain to you how in the next step.

Create Topics and Subtopics

Once you have your content pillars, which could be one or even five, start to break them down in narrow topics, and those in subtopics. For example, base on the case above of How to promote a business online (content pillar), a topic generated from there can be "how to promote your business through Google Ads", or "How to Build a Small Business Website". But, to get you started easier through this step, start asking who, when, what, which, and where for each of your content pillar, this will help you to generate more topics as I show you in the last example.

Determine the Type of Content

Ok, now you have a lot of content material, and it's time to decide how are you going to communicate them. You can choose between videos, blogs, social media posts, twits, podcasts, blogs, etc. The important thing here is to keep in mind your customers' needs and habits, (not all of them are connected ate the same channel) then you will know which platform is the best for each of your contents.

If you need help choosing the best way to communicate your Content, just check out our post of Which type of Content is Better for your Business

Now that you already have your content plan, its time to start creating and don't get complicated. Start writing from your core topic, then your pillars and finalize with topics and subtopics.

Get your Content Tree Template Here!

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